Districts and Schools

Placer Union High School District

13000 New Airport Road, Auburn, CA   95603
Phone:  (530) 886-4400  Fax: (530) 886-4439

Chana High School
Colfax High School
Del Oro High School
Foresthill High School
Maidu High School
Placer High School
Placer School for Adults

Board of Trustees
Geary, Kathleen Clerk Term Expires: 2016
MacDonald, Lynn President Term Expires: 2016
Oates, Ronald Term Expires: 2014
Wallgren, Charles Term Expires: 2014
Ward, Maureen President Term Expires: 2014
Sziraki, George Superintendent 530-886-4405
Superintendent's Office
Burlison, Lisa Executive Assistant to the Superintendent 530-886-4405
Business Services
Kimble, Rhonda Accountant I 530-886-4408
Marquand, Doug Assistant Superintendent, Admin Services 530-886-4410
Nicholls, Josie Accounting Technician 530-886-4407
Russo, Sandy Director, Budget and Accounting 530-886-4411
Slauson, Patty Payroll Technician 530-886-4409
Walsh, Ann Administrative Assistant 530-886-4400 Ext. 4413
Zabkar, Laura Accounting Technician 530-886-4412
Child Nutrition Services
McAllister, Lila Director, Child Nutrition Services 530-886-4472
Roye, Janie Sr. Account Clerk 530-886-4471
Educational Services
Buckingham, Valarie Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction 530-886-4400 Ext. 4415
Grey, Charis Admin Asst to the Asst Supt for Ed Services 530-886-4406
Hitchcock, Robert Educational Services Coordinator 530-886-4400 Ext. 4416
Pohley, Nancy Admin. Asst., Curriculum and Assessment 530-886-4418
Tooker, Jeff Deputy Superintendent, Educational Services 530-886-4406
Facilities & Maintenance
Brock, Al Skilled Maintenance 530-886-4400 Ext. 4490
Garcia, Trinidad Skilled Maintenance 530-886-4400 Ext. 4493
Jordan, Jim Skilled Maintenance 530-886-4400 Ext. 4497
Patton, Jeff Director of Maintenance, Oper. & Facilities 530-886-4461
Roland, Marlayna Administrative Assistant 530-886-4460
Russo, Steve Skilled Maintenance 530-886-4400 Ext. 4494
Schroeder, Dustin Skilled Maintenance 530-886-4400 Ext. 4498
Sindel, Stan Turf Program Specialist 530-886-4400 Ext. 4496
Strawhecker, Scott Skilled Maintenance 530-886-4400 Ext. 4462
Human Resources
Palmer, Laura Personnel Technician II 530-886-4401
Raynor, Janel Personnel Tech 530-886-4400
Vereyken, Eric Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources 530-886-4426
Johnson, Janice School Psychologist 530-886-4417
Moore, Heidi School Psychologist
Owens, Laura School Psychologist 530-886-4425
Vargas, Ray School Psychologist 530-886-4400 Ext. 4416
Warda, Carrie School Psychologist 916-652-7243 Ext. 1124
Pupil Services
Atkins, Desiree Admin. Asst. to Director of Pupil Services 530-886-4434
DalFavero, Elena Director of Pupil Services 530-886-4403
Lasher, Karen Information Systems Support Specialist 530-886-4445
Mancasola, Connie Secretary, Pupil Services 530-886-4400 Ext. 4419
Floyd, Sandy Receptionist 530-886-4400
School Nurse
Losko, Kari LVN 530-886-4400 Ext. 1893
Medlin, Sandy School Nurse 530-886-4420
Dollahite, Fred District Informtion Systems Administrator 530-886-4441
McBain, Mary Tech Dept Secretary 530-886-4440
Ramseth, Gregg Director, Technology and Assessment 530-886-4447
Vocational Education Coordinator
Hannah, Donna Vocational Education Coordinator 530-886-4423
Warehouse & Distribution
Hoyer, Henry Delivery Driver 530-886-4469
Schredl, Mike Delivery Driver 530-886-4469