Services to Students & Parents

Special Education

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Placer County Office of Education Mission Statement
The Placer County Office of Education provides successful educational programs designed to educate a wide variety of students with diverse needs, birth through adult.
Student Services Mission Statement
To increase achievement through rigorous and meaningful instruction to all students.
Program Overview
The Intensive Behavior Intervention Program (IBIP) is operated by the Placer County Office of Education and is a child and family driven program designed to serve children exhibiting characteristics of autism spectrum disorders and/or significant behavior challenges.
There are currently ten IBIP classrooms located on regular school sites serving students from preschool through age 22.  The program relies on a highly trained staff of professional and paraprofessionals working collaboratively with parents to provide a comprehensive educational program.

Program Components
  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum aligned with California Common Core
    • Utilization of a combination of instructional strategies and intervention techniques to address the learning styles, abilities, functional and developmental needs of the students
    • Technology-aided instruction and intervention
    • Individually planned mainstreaming opportunities and community based instruction based on students’ needs and abilities
  • Highly structured program to support independence
    • Utilization of visual supports including visual strategies, schedules, and work systems
    • Low staff to student ratio
    • Reduced class size
  • Emphasis on communication skills
    • Naturalistic language intervention
    • Functional communication training
    • Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) including Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Positive behavior interventions and differential reinforcement strategies
    • A systematic, data-driven approach for changing behavior based on positive interventions
    • Individualized and group interventions based on best practices and research
    • A holistic approach that considers all of the factors that impact the student,and the student’s behavior
    • Extensive staff training to support consistent behavioral interventions, desired behaviors and activities in all campus environments
  • Social Skills training
Support Services 
The Intensive Behavior Intervention Team may include:
Administrators from the county office and district of residence
Special Education Teachers
School Psychologist
Behavior Support Specialists
Educational Paraprofessionals
Speech and Language Pathologists
Occupational Therapists
Physical Therapists
Assistive Technology Specialists