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PCOE RFP 2017-101 Ethernet Service Questions

     1.  What services and bandwidth do you want quoted for the sites in Appendix A?

    • None

     2.  What services do you want quoted for the 3 sites on the BID form?

    • MPLS at 100 Mbps with option to increase

     3.  Do you want 1G Internet access at the locations or just WAN connections?

    • MPLS at 100 Mbps with option to increase


PCOE YR 20 RFP 2017-100 Wireless Equipment Questions

     1.  Do you have PoE switches in your environment?

  • Yes

     2. What are you currently using for your WLAN?

  •  10 Gbps fiber connection outbound from Main Office to Public Internet, 1 Gbps P2P connections between Main office and other sites.

     3. Is this a new project or an expansion?

  • Upgrade/Replacement of Existing Wireless Infrastructure and a few additional new site implementations

      4. How many buildings are you looking to install WiFi in?

  • 12 Sites

       5.Any sort of initiatives? (guest access, 1:1, BYOD, online testing)

  • All are drivers

        6. Driving factor?

  •  guest access, 1:1, BYOD, online testing

       7.  Is this RFP for both procurement and installation of the wireless equipment, or is it purchase only?

  • Procurement Only

      8. If there is installation, will there be a site visit scheduled?

  • NA

      9. If there is installation, is the Contractor to replace existing WAPs? Will there be any new cabling necessary, or will the new equipment work with the existing infrastructure?

  • NA

      10. Do you need cabling as part of the wireless deployment? Do you need any configuration services on the wireless controller?

  • No on both accounts

      11. Requirements for Ethernet Services 2) C. mentions 50mb of Internet on the 100Mb Ethernet circuit.  Is PCOE REQUESTING Ethernet Internet services at each of the 3 sites, as 

            well as site-to-site Ethernet connectivity?

  • No

      12. How many publicly routable IP addresses will be required?

  • (1) at each of the (3) Locations

       13. Can you please clarify WAN Momo-100Mbps?  Is it an existing Over the Top Service or new services to be included in the Ethernet Service bid?

  • Is a part of the proposed Ethernet Service 

       14. You have a total of 38 locations listed on Appendix A, what year will these Ethernet service locations come up for Bid? 

  • Various contracts and length of service agreements at the 38 locations. Most are under contract until June of 2109