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Can you separate the count of VVX300 and 400 series you require if:

  1. You keep existing phones? Keep existing VVX 400 Series Phones.
  2. You rent/purchase all new phones? Currently rent with an option to buy out existing VOIP Handsets for $1.

For example, if you are keeping existing phones. How many of the 184 required would be 300 series and 400 series. (78) VVX 300 Series Phones, (128) VVX 400 Series Phones.

  • Question received on 10/31/16

Of the 400 phones referenced for full replacement, how many will be office phones and how many will be classroom phones? 30 of the 400 for full replacement would be classroom phones.

  • Questions received on 11/3/16

Section A.1.5. Ability to transfer calls transparently to any location on or outside the network.
Q: Can you provide clarification on "outside the network". We want to clarify that "outside the network" means, transferring a call from a VOIP handset to a 10 digit phone number such as a land line or cell phone. Yes, that is correct

Section A.5.9 Ability to easily transfer a caller directly to an internet voice mail
Q: Can you provide clarification on "internet voicemail"? Can you provide a use case example? The ability for a user to transfer a caller directly into another users voicemail box directly that is hosted by the provider.

Section A.5.14 Ability to record multiple greetings for internal and external callers, out of office, etc.
Q: Can you please describe a use case? We want to clarify that the intent of this request is that a user has the ability to record multiple messages for income calls whether they be "internal" (extension to extension) or "external" (land line/cell phone calling in) Yes, that is correct. Multiple greeting options such as a call busy greeting or out of office message.

Section A.5.14 Add or modify a class of service
Q: Can you provide a use case/example? The ability to control the phone numbers that users can use for transfers to or when placing calls.

  • Questions received on 11/11/16

  • Can you please provide additional context and level of expectation from the following features:
  • Ability to provide integrated messaging with email. Ability to receive voice mails via email as an audio file.
  • Ability to answer user-defined groups of extensions temporarily at another extension. Yes
  • Record messages, send and mark messages as "urgent", "private", etc. Yes
  • Transfer messages to other users and append them with their own comments Yes
  • "Will voicemail integrate with Microsoft Exchange & Outlook Email and if so please describe how?" What is the expected integration? Ability to deliver messages in real time to user defined mailboxes associated with a telephone number.
  • If a vendor were to propose reusing the existing Polycom VOIP phones, how many total new handsets would be required?  216 New Phones would be required
  • Of the new handsets that would need to be purchased, can you provide a breakdown how many of those devices would be the 300 series vs. 400 series?(78) VVX 300 Series Phones, (128) VVX 400 Series Phones
  • Of the 400 total phones, how many are utilized within classrooms or common areas? 30 of the 400 are for use in the classroom.
  • Would you be able to divide your current users into 3 categories based on call volume and usage (i.e. Power, Moderate, Voicemail Only)?30 Moderate, 370 Power Users

  • Questions received on 11/11/16

    1. Will the RFP be provided in Word format so that we may provide inline responses to Sections A-K? Available upon request
    2. Are there multiple broadband circuits at each location making up the "Current Capacity" in the table on page 2 or are all of them single circuits?Varies form Site to site
    3. Can we be provided with a WAN diagram? Network Diagram Available upon request.
      1. Do all sites link directly back to Placer COE (hub and spoke) and then to CENIC for internet access?Main Sites Do for Internet Access
        1. Or do the other sites have other circuits which also have direct access to CENIC?
        2. Is this a private VPN network between all locations and COE and then out to CENIC?Point to Point Fiber between Major locations and PCOE Main Office
      2. Is the 100 Mbps dedicated internet circuits for VoIP traffic coming only out of COE or other locations as well, as page 5 mentions multiple locations = "Primary Location(s)?YES
      3. Do you require or prefer to maintain a dedicated VoIP circuit or are you looking to get rid of this, if not required with our solution?MPLS Lines Desired
        1. If looking to get rid of them, is it safe to assume that we can run our VoIP traffic over the CENIC pipes?It is possible but not desited in a solution
    4. Pleaser provide the models of each of the following currently being used:
      1. Cisco switches- Cisco 3750
      2. Force 10- Force 10- S50's & S60's
        1. Are they all POE to support the total number of newly required VoIP phones at each location? Yes
    5. Please elaborate on what PCOE's expectations/desires are for #11 in Section A "System Requirement" under #1 "Networking" regarding PST failover.
      1. Is this a mandatory or a nice to have? Required
      2. Are you looking to have all traffic (all phones) be able to go out a local (onsite) voice gateway via a PRI analog trunks should the WAN go down or should the service not be available? Ideally but dependeing upon architecture can be dicussed.
        1. Would secondary circuits at each location be sufficient to accommodate this feature?Possibly
    6. Phone on page 5. 
      1. Can you provide us with a breakdown for each location:
        1. # of Office phones 370
        2. # of Classroom phones- 30
        3. # of analog devices (phones, fax machines, etc.) None
        4. # of voicemail users- 400
      2. This will help with trying to better understand the table below.  For example:
        1. COE already has 15 IP phones (which can be reused) and 70 PBX & analog handsets.  While we can reuse the analog handsets, we cannot reuse the PBX handsets to the number of analog devices would help here. 
        2. We are trying to determine how we get to 100 for the COE when the "Handsets Needed if reusing existing VOIP handsets" is 70.  Wouldn't that be a total of 85 required VOIP phones and then the 15 additional would be for analog?Growth/ New Handsets
          1. Along those lines, is it safe to assume that for the PCOE Annex needs a total of 84 VOIP (78 reuse and 6 new) phones with the additional 16 being for analog?NO- Growth
          2. No analog at MOT?Correct
          3. 3 analog at Secret Ravine NO
          4. 2 analog at Sierra NO
          5. 2 analog at Onorate NO
          6. No analog at PCOE Seavey Center?Correct
          7. Do you need 15 new VOIP phones or would it just be 7 and the other 8 would be analog? 15
          8. Wouldn't Olive Ranch need a total of 24 as they already have 14 VOIP phones and 10 PBX?Growth
          9. Satellite Classrooms – there are only 25 today, are you increasing this to 55 or do your really only need 25 per the "Handsets Needed if reusing existing VOIP handsets" column/ Growth
    7. Per the above language, it appears as though you have a requirement for a total of 400 extensions (VOIP and analog)? All VOIP
      1. Wouldn't the "Totals handsets required if reusing existing VOIP phones be 400 less the 184 for a total of 216 extension, less the number of analog devices?  Is that how we get to the 184 – there are 32 analog devices in total? No Analog Lines

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