​The following resources have been tested by Business & Marketing educators in the field.  These are websites, lessons, and projects they use to deliver financial literacy topics to their students.  With the new Common Core State Standards, established in 2013, Financial Literacy is infused across industry sectors.  While these resources are great for the B&F (Business and Finance) and MSS (Marketing, Sales & Services) industry sectors, they can be used in other sectors as well.


A great site with a wide variety of resources including popular tools and topics such as:  free credit reports, free credit score, cost of living calculator, retirement planning, mortgage rates, CD rates, social security, debit cards, and a savings calculator.


One of the hardest parts about teaching can be connecting the classroom to the real world.  Printed Life Scenarios booklets provide a seamless connection between your classroom and your students' actual financial decisions.  The booklets include situations like paying for concert tickets, dealing with an overdraft, and even just paying for gas!


CalCPA offers a free, fully interactive financial literacy program for students in grades 8-12.  The program is designed to be relevant and engaging for students and covers six topics:  money management, borrowing, earning power, investing, financial services, and insurance.  The presentations are flexible and can stand alone or be ongoing.  CalCPA provides Instructor Materials and Student Guides in partnership with the National Endowment for Financial Education.  Materials are available in hard copy and digital formats.


EverFi brings cutting-edge digital learning on critical skills to the communities and people you care about.  Their unique model brings private sector leaders, forward-learning foundations and non-profits into the education innovation movement.

High School Financial Planning Program

HSFPP offers a full suite of FREE instructional resources to use in existing courses or workshop settings where teens interact with an instructor.  The components for the program include:  six student guide booklets, teacher lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations, activities, handouts and performance-based assessments, online student practice quizzes, polls, and more.

I Can Afford College.com

Find many different types of financial aid available year round at California Community Colleges that directly connect you with events in your area where students can get free professional assistance completing financial aid forms

Money Management International

When the amount you spend is more than the amount you earn, a simple way to find financial balance is to decrease your spending.  Unfortunately, spending less is not always an option.  Fortunately, making more money is not nearly as hard as it sounds.  With a little planning, earning more can certainly be within your reach. 

Next Gen Personal Finance

Next Gen Personal Finance offers a free online curriculum of 65+ complete lessons and 100+ standalone activities you can access from anywhere.  You can find free resources on Careers, Investing, Insurance, Credit Scores, Type of Credit, Checking, and Savings.

Practical Money Skills

This is an excellent site, sponsored by Visa, which provides free materials and resources on personal finance, credit and debit, savings and spending, and curriculum for 9-12 grade students.

Take Charge Today

A program and curriculum with a decision-based approach to personal finance.  Formerly Family Economics & Financial Education, Take Charge Today provides a consistent framework for thinking through financial choices in order to improve well-being.  This is an award winning program designed by teachers, for teachers.  Site requires registration, but all resources are free of charge.

The Council for Economic Education

EconEdLink is the leading source of online economic and personal finance lessons and resources for educators, students, and after school providers.  Here you will find over 427 lessons that are categorized by age group and subject area.  All of the lessons are internet-based and free to everyone.

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

The site is designed to make it easier for students to understand economics, personal finance, and the role of the Federal Reserve.  College Planner - allows students to evaluate which career or education path they should pursue after high school.  Plus, the tool helps develop personal finance skills to make that plan a reality.  Students can also research a college degree and determine how long it will take to break even on higher education expenses... plus much, much more!