​​​Resources for Instruction

CTE Online

CTE Online is a place for California CTE educators to explore and access teacher-created curriculum.  The CTE Online community consists of over 66,000 registered users.  In addition, CTE Online has tools for users to create their own curriculum and collaborate in groups.​

Entrepreneurship Resources
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On this page, users will find a number of entrepreneurship curricular ideas.  Ideas range from simple projects to more complex entrepreneurship programs. 
MBA Research
MBA Research.png

​California is a member state with the MBA Research consortium providing a plethora of resources (most of which are free!) to teachers throughout California.  To acquire a log in to the site, which enables to you access 'States Connections', please contact dyerm@mbaresearch.org
Personal Finance Resources

​On this page you will find a large number of free resources to infuse financial literacy into your curriculum.  Ideas range from simple lessons to more complex financial literacy programs.
UC a-g

​Here you will find a link to the University of California a-g guide.  The management portal can be accessed to submit a new course for approval, update an a-g course list, and view approved courses.  One can also search for an institution's a-g course lists.  

Additionally, two MSS and BF courses are listed here that were created by members of the BELP and recently received a-g approval.