​CPC 2018

Presenter Sessions

​Lead Presenter

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​Cristy Clouse ​1-A Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) High School Elaborations
​Kerri Fulton ​1-B Understanding and Implementing School-based Wraparound as a Tier III Intervention
​Christopher Pinkney
1-C Academic Seminar: Teaching Academic Self-Management to High School Students
​Chris Borgmeier
1-D From Classroom Interactions to Disproportionate Outcomes: Addressing inequity through SW-PBIS
​Rob Horner
​1-E Implementing Check-in/ Check-out: Key Features and Adaptations for High School
​Arturo Casillas
​1-F Creating Capacity: MDUSD's 7 Year Journey
​Peter Stoll, Ph.D.
​1-G The Northern CA MTSS Coalition, Rural Implementation Behind the Redwood Curtain
​Lori Turk-Bicakci
​1-H Identify inequity to target interventions
​Eleanor Purdy
​1-I Providing PBIS Technical Assistance as an External Coach: How One Coach Can Support a District
​Jade Edwards
1-J Providing multi-tiered systems of support across various domains of student need
​Barbara Kelley
​2-A Results-driven Tier 3 Simple Behavior Support Plan for the Classroom Teacher
​Kevin Higley
2-B Increasing Staff Involvement and Improving School Climate and Culture by Streamlining School-Wide Committees and Initiatives
​Cindy Chaffee
2-C Positive Behavior  Interventions and Supports:  Enhancing Equity in School Discipline
​Martha Merchant
2-D Integrating Trauma-Informed Practices into PBIS: Considerations for School Teams
​Rob Horner
2-E Building the Systems to Implement Tier II and Tier III Supports Effectively
​Christine Olmstead
​2-F M.T.S.S. 101
​Kathryn Roose
​2-G PBIS Outside of the Box: Alternative and VERY Alternative Settings
​Serena Rodriguez
2-H Top 10 Challenges of Tier 1 Implementation and the Practical Solutions to Address Them
​Maureen O'Leary Burness
2-I Using the California School Dashboard and PBIS to Improve Equity and Reduce Disproportionality
​Kaci Fleetwood
​2-J Effectively Using Data to Select, Implement, and Evaluate Tier II Systems
​Kim Wood
​3-A Contextually Relevant Adaptations to PBIS Implementation Within Alternative and Special Education Settings
​Ann Romine
​3-B Check & Connect: Addressing Graduation Disparities by Aligning Systematic Data and Supports within Mentor-Student Relationships
​Jenny Betz
​3-C Youth and Families as Effective Partners in MTSS Implementation
​Susan Barrett
​3-D Adapting PBIS for Internalizing Behaviors
​Tiphany Kane
3-E Implementing Restorative Practice Classroom Circles- Building Community and Raising Academic Achievement
​Holly Seniuk
3-F Beyond Tier 3: How Behavior Analysts Can Support MTSS at All Tiers
​Athena Vernon
​3-G Implementing Culturally Responsive Systems and Practices
​Ann England
3-H Aligning the EBPs of PBIS and ASD to Support Improved Outcomes for Individuals with ASD
​Cristy Clouse
3-I Routine-based Behavior Support Guide:  Responding to Challenging Behaviors in Young Children (PreK – 1st)
​Celeste Rossetto Dickey
​3-J Strengthening your Tier II Implementation: Using Fidelity Measures to Promote Growth in Tier II Implementation
​Kristee Laiva
4-A Keeping it Real, Relevant, and Always Relational: Looking at PBIS through an Early Childhood Lens
​Katie Pisciotta
​4-B Building School Culture & Community through School-wide PBIS Activities & Events
​Sonia Llamas
​4-C Integrating PBIS, Mental Health, and Restorative Practices in a MTSS Framework
​Chris Borgmeier
4-D Understanding and Supporting Students with Challenging Behavior: School-wide Training to Build Staff Capacity
​Kimberli Breen
4-E Affecting Adult Behavior Change
​Taharka Anderson
4-F Transforming School Culture Through Youth & Parent Leadership Using Restorative Alternatives
​Juan Rafael Mesa
​4-G The True Importance of Rules & Behavioral Expectations: How to Restore a Balance & Promote Social Justice and Equity
​Kristin Risberg
​4-H Got PRIDE? A Showcase from the Field
​Megan Rinaldi
4-I PBIS and Juvenile Justice: Involving all stakeholders to promote a positive school and community climate
​Kacey Rodenbush
4-J Weaving Mental Health Services and Supports 
​Jessica Hadley
​5-A Pixie-dust and magic in Rural America
​Christina Borbely
​5-B Navigating Mental/Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorders in Youth Populations
​Ken Fitzgerald
5-C Three Assessment Tools to Strengthen PBIS Implementation
​Sally Meyer
​5-D Directions for Dealing with Giant George: Using College Student Interns as a Tier 2 Intervention
​Celeste Rossetto Dickey
5-E Tier II Outcome Data: Using Check In Check Out Data to Run Efficient & Effective Meetings
​Jamie Brooks
5-F Reducing Referrals Using Data Decisions
​Shannon Breslin
5-G Creating Videos that Adhere to the PBIS Implementation Blueprint
​Colleen Reilly
​5-H How does it all fit together?  Leveraging state policy and mandates to advance and implement PBIS
​Michael C. Rodriguez
​5-I The Path to PBIS: P.A.C.K in Action
​Michael Lombardo
​5-J Scaling Up PBIS in California
​Denae Rollins
6-A Modifying Check in Check out to Address Multiple Functions/Needs
​Kami Murphy
6-B Spotlight on Data: Increased Coaching Improved Academic and Behavioral Outcomes
​Stephanie Tague
​6-C Data-Driven Improvement  for School Climate Through PBIS in Your LCAP
​Bert Eliason
6-D Measuring and Monitoring Disproportionality in School Discipline: Striving for Equitable Outcomes
​Jodie Soracco
6-E Tier 3 Data, Practices, Outcomes...& Systems?
​Marla Clayton Johnson
6-F PBIS at Health Professions High School
​Ashley Greenwald
6-G Evolution and Scale-up of MTSS in the State of Nevada
​Melanie Patterson
6-H Using District Leadership and Coaching Teams to Support Rigorous PBIS Implementation
​Steve Jackson
6-I Our Journey From Theory to Implementation
​Katie Knifton
6-J The integration of PBIS, MTSS and Restorative Practices on a School Campus
​Kent McIntosh
Pre-Conference: Enhancing Equity  in School Discipline: Pracical Strategies and Tools
​Kimberli Breen
​Pre-Conference: Partnering with Families within a Multi-Tiered System of Support
​Jessica Swain-Bradway
​Pre-Conference: Restorative Practices in SWPBIS: Overview, Examples and Considerations for Alignment
​Cristy Clouse & Barbara Kelley
​Pre-Conference: Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS)
​Martha Merchant
Pre-Conference: Trauma Informed PBIS
​Susan Barrett
Pre-Conference: Using the Tiered Fidelity Inventory to Promote Mental Health for All