The California PBIS Coalition is seeking presenters for our 2018 Conference

We are seeking workshop proposals for the 2018 conference that depict cutting-edge implementation, evidence-based programs and successful school community collaborations. Our goal is to include examples of excellence-enhancing elements throughout education. We invite you to join us in presenting programs that improve student outcomes. Proposals are due by 5/31/2018

See additional details below:

​Within an overall theme of "Building Systems of Supports for Children and Families", the following areas of focus have been identified for 2018:

  • Equity (i.e., efforts to address and eliminate achievement and discipline disparities using

  • MTSS Integration (i.e., State, County, District, and School efforts to implement and integrate MTSS

  • Site Implementation (i.e., innovative PBIS/MTSS implementation at school sites)

  • Coaching (i.e., innovative coaching models and materials)

  • Early Childhood (i.e., PBIS/MTSS implementation in Pre-K environments)

  • Alternative Ed (i.e., PBIS/MTSS implementation within alternative ed. environments)

  • Juvenile Justice (i.e., PBIS/MTSS implementation within juvenile justice/probation)

  • Special Education (i.e., PBIS/MTSS implementation specifically addressing the needs of students
    with IEPs)

  • Classroom (i.e., specific efforts aimed at implementing PBIS within classroom environments)

  • Mental Health (i.e., innovative service delivery models/integration efforts to support the mental
    wellness needs of students and families)

  • High School (i.e., PBIS/MTSS implementation efforts within high school environments)

*The first listed author of an accepted presentation will receive free entry to the conference.