​Prevention Supports and Services

​Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program (FYSCP)


2016-17 Placer County School District Liaisons

California - County Liaisons 

Foster Youth Education Toolkit - This toolkit has additional information and tools for best practices to support youth in the foster care system.   

AB 490 OVERVIEW.docx​ AB490 addresses school stability and transportation and Foster Youth District Liaison responsibilities 

AB1933 School of Origin

AB167.docx AB167 Graduation Requirements Waiver

Foster Youth Enrollment Poster 01-31-14

ACL 11-51.pdf  School of Origin Transportation - Fiscal responsibility between LEA and Child Welfare Department

CaFosterCareEdLawFactSheets.pdf  Foster Care Education - Fact Sheets 

 CDE Foster Youth Services California Department of Education, Foster Youth Services Department 

 FosterEd Connect

AB-2276-Fact-Sheet-Implementation-2.pdf  AB2276 Fact Sheet Implementation -  Enrolling youth exiting juvenile detention facilities

Caregiver Affidavit 

ESSA - Non-Regulatory Guidance Ensuring School Stability for Students in Foster Care


Independent Living Skills Program (ILP)
FYS partners with the Children's System of Care for the identification of foster youth age 15½ or older who are in out-of-home placements.  Referrals to ILP are made at age 16.

Kaleidoscope of Employment for Youth Success 
KEYS is a collaborative project between FYS, the Department of Rehabilitation, and PRIDE Industries. This program is designed to ensure successful employment outcomes for foster youth, ages 16-19, who have significant barriers to employment.

Resource, Referrals, and School Gap Program
Collaborate and connect foster youth, families and schools to community agencies and programs, including the School Gap Program (a grant from the City of Roseville) to help fill in the “gaps” and help ensure academic success for students by assisting in areas such as: enrichment opportunities, school activities, school supplies, health and hygiene products and more!

College Transition Support Team
Partners with Sierra Community College, PCOE-FYS, Children's System of Care, and other community professionals to address the needs, concerns, and issues that affect the success and retention of former foster students attending Sierra Community College.

Placer County Network of Care 
The Placer County Network of Care is a one stop shop for wellness services and resources.  On this website, you will be able to connect with over 600 service providers in, and around Placer County.