​School Attendance Review Board (SARB)


2018-19 SARB Schedule

SARB Referral Form: Please contact Ruth Volpi-Lane at rvolpi-lane@placercoe.k12.ca.us for SARB Referral information and link

Flowchart: SARB SAM Flow Chart 4.21.16.

SART/SAM Team Summary: SART.SAM Team Summary

SART/SAM Agreement: SART.SAM Agreement

Updated 2018 SART Agreement.docx

California Department of Education Truancy Code Sections 5.29.16.

Data Reporting: 

Education Code Section 48272: The governing board of each school district shall adopt rules and regulations to require the appropriate officers and employees of the district to gather and transmit to the county superintendent of schools the number and types of referrals to school attendance review boards and of requests for petitions to the juvenile court pursuant to Section 48263.

The two forms below are provided for Placer County School Districts to report Student Attendance to the County Office of Education.  The district should use one of the two forms provided and submit it by June 30th or each year. Reports should be submitted to Ruth Volpi Lane (RVolpi-Lane@placercoe.k12.ca.us) 

Suspension of Students​:

48263 Education Code.docx

K-3rd Grade AB-420-Fact-Sheet-CSBA

Letter from State Superintendent Compliance with AB 420

SARB Training Tools