​Committee Meetings

As of November 2016, all meeting items (agendas, schedules, minutes, etc.) will be posted on BoardDocs.  Please click the button below to access BoardDocs.



​Council of Superintendents (COS) 2016-2017



COS Agenda 9-15-16 Special Meeting Meetings COS 1617/COS Agenda 9-15-16 Special Meeting.pdfCOS Agenda 9-15-16 Special Meeting

​Executive Council of the Council of Superintendents (ECCOS) 2016-2017



ECCOS Agenda 10.12.16 Meetings ECCOS 1617/ECCOS Agenda 10.12.16.pdfECCOS Agenda 10.12.16
ECCOS Agenda 8.10.16 Meetings ECCOS 1617/ECCOS Agenda 8.10.16.pdfECCOS Agenda 8.10.16
ECCOS Meeting Schedule 2016-17 Meetings ECCOS 1617/ECCOS Meeting Schedule 2016-17.pdfECCOS Meeting Schedule 2016-17

​Program Business Review Committee 2016-2017



PBRC Agenda 10-21-16 Meetings PBRC 1617/PBRC Agenda 10-21-16.pdfPBRC Agenda 10-21-16
PBRC Meeting Schedule 2016-17 Meetings PBRC 1617/PBRC Meeting Schedule 2016-17.pdfPBRC Meeting Schedule 2016-17

​Special Education Administrators Committee 2016-2017



SEAC Agenda 10.14.16 Meetings SEAC 1617/SEAC Agenda 10.14.16.pdfSEAC Agenda 10.14.16
SEAC Agenda 9-16-16 Meetings SEAC 1617/SEAC Agenda 9-16-16.pdfSEAC Agenda 9-16-16
SEAC Meeting Schedule 2016-17 Meetings SEAC 1617/SEAC Meeting Schedule 2016-17.pdfSEAC Meeting Schedule 2016-17
SEAC Member List 2016-17 Meetings SEAC 1617/SEAC Member List 2016-17.pdfSEAC Member List 2016-17


​Council of Superintendents (COS) 2015-2016



COS Agenda 11-19-15 Meetings COS 1516/COS Agenda 11-19-15.pdfCOS Agenda 11-19-15
COS Agenda 5-19-16 Meetings COS 1516/COS Agenda 5-19-16.pdfCOS Agenda 5-19-16
COS Agenda 9-22-15 Meetings COS 1516/COS Agenda 9-22-15.pdfCOS Agenda 9-22-15
COS Meeting Dates 15-16 Meetings COS 1516/COS Meeting Dates 15-16.pdfCOS Meeting Dates 15-16
COS Packet 2-25-16 Meetings COS 1516/COS Packet 2-25-16.pdfCOS Packet 2-25-16

​Executive Council of the Council of Superintendents (ECCOS) 2015-2016



ECCOS Agenda 10-14-15 Meetings ECCOS 1516/ECCOS Agenda 10-14-15.pdfECCOS Agenda 10-14-15
ECCOS 12-9-15 Agenda Meetings ECCOS 1516/ECCOS Agenda 12-9-15.pdfECCOS 12-9-15 Agenda
ECCOS Agenda 2-10-16 Meetings ECCOS 1516/ECCOS Agenda 2-10-16.pdfECCOS Agenda 2-10-16
ECCOS Agenda 9-8-15 Meetings ECCOS 1516/ECCOS Agenda 9-8-15.pdfECCOS Agenda 9-8-15
ECCOS Agenda Special Meeting 2-24-16 Meetings ECCOS 1516/ECCOS Agenda Special Meeting 2-24-16.pdfECCOS Agenda Special Meeting 2-24-16
ECCOS Meeting Schedule 15-16 Meetings ECCOS 1516/ECCOS Meeting Schedule 15-16.pdfECCOS Meeting Schedule 15-16
ECCOS Special Meeting 1-13-16 Meetings ECCOS 1516/ECCOS Special Meeting 1-13-16.pdfECCOS Special Meeting 1-13-16

​Program Business Review Committee 2015-2016



PBRC Agenda 1-23-15 Meetings PBRC 1415/PBRC Agenda 1-23-15.pdfPBRC Agenda 1-23-15
PBRC Agenda 3-27-15 Meetings PBRC 1415/PBRC Agenda 3-27-15 Final.pdfPBRC Agenda 3-27-15
PBRC Agenda and Packet 10-10-14 Meetings PBRC 1415/PBRC Agenda and Packet 10-10-14.pdfPBRC Agenda and Packet 10-10-14
PBRC Meeting Schedule 14-15 Meetings PBRC 1415/PBRC Meeting Schedule 14-15.pdfPBRC Meeting Schedule 14-15
November 12, 2014 PBRC Meetings PBRC 1415/PBRC Packet 11-12-14.pdfNovember 12, 2014 PBRC
PBRC Packet 5-22-15 Meetings PBRC 1415/PBRC Packet 5-22-15.pdfPBRC Packet 5-22-15
PBRC Packet 7-29-15 Final Meetings PBRC 1415/PBRC Packet 7-29-15 Final.pdfPBRC Packet 7-29-15 Final

​Special Education Administrators Committee 2015-2016



SEAC Agenda 10-9-15 Final Meetings SEAC 1516/SEAC Agenda 10-9-15 Final.pdfSEAC Agenda 10-9-15 Final
SEAC Agenda 2-12-16 Meetings SEAC 1516/SEAC Agenda 2-12-16.pdfSEAC Agenda 2-12-16
SEAC Agenda 3-11-16 Meetings SEAC 1516/SEAC Agenda 3-11-16.pdfSEAC Agenda 3-11-16
SEAC Agenda 4-8-16 Meetings SEAC 1516/SEAC Agenda 4-8-16.pdfSEAC Agenda 4-8-16
SEAC Agenda 5-13-16 Meetings SEAC 1516/SEAC Agenda 5-13-16.pdfSEAC Agenda 5-13-16
SEAC Meeting Schedule 2015-16 Meetings SEAC 1516/SEAC Meeting Schedule 2015-16.pdfSEAC Meeting Schedule 2015-16
SEAC Packet 11-13-15 Meetings SEAC 1516/SEAC Packet 11-13-15.pdfSEAC Packet 11-13-15
SEAC Packet 12-11-15 Final Meetings SEAC 1516/SEAC Packet 12-11-15 Final.pdfSEAC Packet 12-11-15 Final
SEAC Packet 9-18-15 Meetings SEAC 1516/SEAC Packet 9-18-15.pdfSEAC Packet 9-18-15