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Sierra College Planterium
Come learn about all those lustrous balls of light we call stars, at the Sierra College Planetarium.  We will meet at Sierra College for a planetarium show. 
WHEN:                         Fri, 2/2/18
TIME:                           10:00am - 11:00am
WHERE:                       Sewell Hall, Sierra College (Directions to Sierra College.pdf ).  Parking is $3.00 per vehicle.
COST:                          $3.00/person.  K-8th graders  (Sorry, no toddlers allowed on this field trip.)
SIGN UP & PAY BY:    Fri, 1/26/18

Old Sacramento Scavenger Hunt
Learn the history of the Old Sacramento district!  On this scavenger hunt students are placed into groups with a chaperone, and work together to analyze clues to find historical landmarks, buldings and markers in Old Sacramento.
WHEN:                         Fri, 5/18/18
TIME:                           10:00am - 11:00am - please arrive by 9:30am
WHERE:                       101 I Street, Sacramento (Directions to Old Sacramento.pdf)
COST:                          $5.00/person
SIGN UP & PAY BY:   Fri, 5/11/18

Past field trips:
Hartsong Ranch
Skatetown in Roseville