​Pathways Charter

iLearn Academy

​Program Options

​100% Independent Study (5 days per week)

Our 100% independent study students and parents/guardians/caregivers work with their assigned certificated supervising teacher to determine educational goals and objectives that are best suited to the student and create individualized curriculum that will optimize each child’s educational experience.
  • Teacher meets with families regularly (1 hour/student, weekly or bi-weekly)
  • Option to participate in enrichment class days, field trips, and any school activity/event
  • Teacher will Individualize curriculum to meet each student’s interests, abilities, and learning styles
  • Integrate California Common Core Standards (CCCS) curriculum with real-life experiences
  • Assistance in choosing curriculum to enhance a child’s lesson
  • Model teaching techniques and teach special lessons
  • Create specific lessons to support vacation/travel opportunities
  • All assignments must be completed.  Work completion = attendance = academic progress!

Hybrid Academy (5 days per week:  3 days in class + 2 days Independent study)

Located at our Meadow Vista Site
    • Classes
      • Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
    • Hybrid Class days:  Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Independent Study days:  Wednesdays and Fridays.  
      • Students are expected and required to complete all work assigned to them.  Work completion = attendance = academic progress!
    • Grades:  Kindergarten through 8th Grade
    • Times:  8:45am to 2:50pm (Students are permitted to arrive no earlier than 8:15am). 
    • Parent requirement:  Must be available to teach/supervise their children on Wednesdays and Fridays, ensuring that they are completing all of their independent study work assigned to them by their Hybrid Academy teacher.
    • Enrichment Classes:  Option to attend one additional day of our enrichment class days; either on Wednesday or Friday (if offered)
    • Students may also participate in field trips and other school events
    • Student must attend every Hybrid Academy class day (unless prior approval by teacher/Principal)
    • Flexibility for independent study due to travel/illness (please see our policy in our Parent Handbook)
    • Lessons will promote:
      • Project-based learning with thematic emphasis
      • Student collaboration and engagement
      • Problem solving and critical thinking
      • Writing across the grade levels
    • Use of California Common Core Standards (CCCS)
    • Highly qualified teacher who provides a nurturing, positive environment for all students!

Optional Enrichment Classes, School Events, and Other Services Available to All Students

The optional activities we offer provide opportunities for group activities in a variety of settings for both students and parents.  All of these activities are optional and are not a required component for being enrolled in either of our program options (100% Independent Study or Hybrid Academy).

  • Classes:  weekly on-site enrichment classes
  • Club Live: 6th - 8th grade students meet twice a month for social and service projects
  • Field trips
  • Annual events can include:
    • Back-to-School Event
    • Variety Show
    • Market Day
    • Play Production
    • Environmental Living Program (if offered that year)
    • Family Science Camp (if offered that year)
  • Smarter Balanced Assessments (CAASPP - SBAC)
  • Curriculum Room – textbooks, supplementary support materials available for checkout
  • Yearly school pictures and yearbook
  • Weekly Bobcat Bulletin (posted on our website)
  • Trimester report cards
  • Ongoing, meaningful communication with your teacher