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Quotes from Home School Alumni

"My favorite thing about iLearn is that it isn't like any other school.  In all of of my years of school, I believe that iLearn Academy had/has the best form of schooling and overall environment for me.  All of the people here are accepting and encouraging.  The teachers teach in a way that is exciting and fun.  I love absolutely everything about iLearn Academy."

"iLearn has been a wonderful experience for me.  Everyone around me is so caring and friendly.  I hope other kids get the same joy out of iLearn I have.  I am going to miss everyone around the school."

"Home schooling has taught me how to be independent. Home schooling has helped me concentrate and do better on my work. I’m able to stay focused through the week and not get stressed over my work. To me, home school means independent studies and it has made me independent and that’s what I needed. It means a lot to me that I was able to do work by myself."

"Home schooling has been an awesome experience. Not only did I meet with my teacher once a week, but also, I got to keep the same teacher through my three years at PCOE Home School. For me, working with my parent or teacher in a one on one situation allowed me to get a better understanding of some of my subjects. I enjoyed being able to choose the subjects and the order I wanted to work on them. I am excited about going to high school but sad that PCOE Home School is ending."

"I like PCOE because of the personal contact between teacher and student. Unlike public school, Home Studies has been a great experience. It helped me understand the subject matter better, because of the personal contact and hands-on help. I will miss PCOE a lot and realize I have much more to learn, but PCOE has given me a great foundation for what awaits me in High School."

"By far my favorite thing about the homeschooling experience is that everyone here is so kind and doesn’t judge you or who you are or what you do. Rather they support you from the side lines as you follow your dreams...well that’s how I felt."