254 Teachers - ADA 4384
13000 New Airport Road, Auburn, CA 95603
FAX: 530-886-4439
Board of Trustees
Geary, KathleenPresidentTerm Expires: 2016
MacDonald, LynnPresidentTerm Expires: 2016
Oates, RonaldTerm Expires: 2014
Underwood, DavidTerm Expires: 2018
Ward, MaureenClerkTerm Expires: 2018
Director of Technology & Data Management
Behmer, CarlDirector of Information Technology & Data 530-886-4453
District Nurse
Klayman, KarenDistrict Nurse530-886-4421
Human Services
Atkins, DesireeSr. Dist. Admin. Asst. to Asst. Supt. of HR530-886-4401
Instructional Coach
Hitchcock, DaniseInstructional Coach530-886-4431
Redding, RebeccaInstructional Coach530-886-4433
Sziraki, GeorgeSuperintendent530-886-4405
Superintendent's Office
Burlison, LisaExecutive Assistant to the Superintendent530-886-4405
Business Services
Base, TinaAccounting Technician530-886-4407
Kimble, RhondaAccountant I530-886-4408
Marquand, DougAssistant Superintendent, Admin Services530-886-4410
Russo, SandyDirector, Budget and Accounting530-886-4411
Slauson, PattyPayroll Technician530-886-4409
Walsh, AnnSr. Dist. AA to Asst. Supt. of Admin Services530-886-4400 Ext. 4413
Zabkar, LauraAccounting Technician530-886-4412
Child Nutrition Services
McAllister, LilaDirector, Child Nutrition Services530-886-4472
Roye, JanieSr. Account Clerk530-886-4471
District Wide Services
Blais, DianaSenior Clerical Assistant530-886-4400
Educational Services
Buckingham, ValarieCoordinator of Curriculum and Instruction530-886-4400 Ext. 4415
Grey, CharisSr. Dist. AA to Dpty. Supt of Ed Services530-886-4406
Hitchcock, RobertEducational Services Coordinator530-886-4400 Ext. 4416
Petrovich, StacyInformation Systems Support Specialist530-886-4419
Pohley, NancyAdmin. Asst., Curriculum and Assessment530-886-4418
Tooker, JeffDeputy Superintendent, Educational Services530-886-4406
Facilities & Maintenance
Garcia, TrinidadSkilled Maintenance530-886-4400 Ext. 4493
Jordan, JimSkilled Maintenance530-886-4400 Ext. 4497
Patton, JeffDirector of Maintenance, Oper. & Facilities530-886-4461
Roland, MarlaynaAdministrative Assistant530-886-4460
Russo, SteveSkilled Maintenance530-886-4400 Ext. 4494
Schroeder, DustinSkilled Maintenance530-886-4400 Ext. 4498
Sindel, StanTurf Program Specialist530-886-4400 Ext. 4496
Strawhecker, ScottSkilled Maintenance530-886-4400 Ext. 4462
Human Resources
Raynor, JanelHuman Resources Technician530-886-4448
Vereyken, EricAssistant Superintendent of Human Resources530-886-4426
Office Staff
Fera, JaniceTesting Proctor530-886-4470
Moore, HeidiSchool Psychologist
Warda, CarrieSchool Psychologist916-652-7243 Ext. 1124
Pupil Services
DalFavero, ElenaDirector of Pupil Services530-886-4403
Mancasola, ConnieSecretary, Pupil Services530-886-4400 Ext. 4419
Taylor, KathieAdmin. Assist. to Dir. of Pupil Services530-886-4434
School Nurse
Medlin, SandySchool Nurse530-886-4420
Dollahite, FredDistrict Information Systems Administrator530-886-4441
McBain, MaryTech Dept Secretary530-886-4440
Ramseth, GreggDirector, Technology and Assessment530-886-4447
Vocational Education Coordinator
Hannah, DonnaVocational Education Coordinator530-886-4423
Warehouse & Distribution
Hoyer, HenryDelivery Driver530-886-4469
Schredl, MikeDelivery Driver530-886-4469

Chana High School

3775 Richardson Drive, Auburn, CA 95602
FAX: 530-885-1657
Assistant Principal
Moore, JeffAssistant Principal530-885-8401
Parker, StanPrincipal530-885-8401 Ext. 5102
Office Staff
Walter, KathyAdmin. Asst. to the PrincipalExt. 104

Colfax High School

24995 Ben Taylor Road, Colfax, CA 95713
FAX: 530-346-6476
Assistant Principal
Raybuck-Bonilla, Chasity Assistant Principal530-346-2284
Dalton, RachelCounselor
Myers, SherriCounselor530-346-2284
Lundberg, PaulPrincipal530-346-2284
Office Staff
Cook, KarenAttendance SecretaryExt. 2116
Garcia, JudyAthletic and ASB SecretaryExt. 2124
Nave, KristenAdmin. Asst. to PrincipalExt. 2112
Scalzo, KarenAssistant Principals' SectyExt. 2114
Bodick, SoniaRegistrar530-346-2284 Ext. 2118
Rondoni, KerriCounseling Secretary530-346-2284

Del Oro High School

3301 Taylor Road, Loomis, CA 95650
FAX: 916-652-3706
Gayaldo, DanPrincipalExt. 1002
Assistant Principal
Cutts, JustinAssistant Principal/Ath DirExt. 1005/1011
Farren, BridgetAssistant PrincipalExt. 1005
Office Staff
Brannam, DebbieAdmin. Asst. to PrincipalExt. 1002
Facha, LisaAttendance SecretaryExt. 1010
Lock, JeniAsst Principals' SecretaryExt. 1005
Rath, SarahSecretary916-652-7243
Seaman, ReneeReceptionist/Clerical Asst.Ext. 1013
Silva, DonnaSecretary, CounselorsExt. 1009
Thomas, StacyRegistrarExt. 1012
York, CindySecretary, AD/Cashier/Fac.Ext. 1011

Foresthill High School

23319 Foresthill Road, Foresthill, CA 95631
FAX: 530-367-4623
Court, Robyn Counselor530-367-3001
Ittner, RandyPrincipal530-367-5244
Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Woods, JoleneAdministrative Assistant530-367-5244
School Clerk
Salveson, CorenaSchool Clerk

Maidu High School

3775 Richardson Drive, Auburn, CA 95602
FAX: 530-885-1657
Parker, StanPrincipalExt. 103
Assistant Principal
Moore, JeffAssistant Principal530-885-8401 Ext. 5103
Office Staff
Walter, KathyAdmin. Asst. to the PrincipalExt. 104

Placer High School

275 Orange Street, Auburn, CA 95603
FAX: 530-823-5770
Efstathiu, PeterPrincipalExt. 5700
Barry, KimAssistant PrincipalExt. 5714
Assistant Principal
Caminiti, SteveAssistant PrincipalExt. 5713
Everett, CrisAssistant Principal530-885-4581
Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Brophy, HeatherAdministrative Assistant 530-885-4581 Ext. 5701
Office Staff
Bailey, WilliRegistrarExt. 5710
Bequette, TeriASB/Athletic Finance Secty.Ext. 5706
Holmberg, JanetSecretary to Asst. PrincipalsExt. 5702
Smith, LisaCounselor's SecretaryExt. 5705
Thompson, LaurieReceptionistExt. 5703

Placer School for Adults

390 Finley Street, Auburn, CA 95603
FAX: 530-823-1406
Assistant Principal
Layton, CameronAssistant Principal530-885-8585
Bettencourt, BillPrincipal530-885-8585 Ext. 6006
Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Raymond, MicheleAdministrative Assistant530-885-8585
Office Staff
Engellenner, Molly Secretary I530-885-8585
Hubbard, JackieAttendance Secretary
Mousa, ArijDirector, Computer Programs530-885-8585