Classified School Employees and Teacher of the Year Awards Reception

All school districts in Placer County are invited each year to participate in the Placer County Awards Program for Classified School Employee of the Year and the Teacher of the Year.

Sparkle and Shine with the Placer County Office of Education in 2019

Registration closes on Monday, May 6. This event is free to our guests by invitation only. Preferred attire is business, no jeans. Please send any questions to Michelle Eklund at

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Recap from 2018

In 2018, we honored 37 remarkable classified employees and 15 exemplary teachers from the north shore of Lake Tahoe all the way down to Antelope and everywhere in between in Placer County.

"I am pleased to honor so many colleagues from our districts and our county office for their remarkable talent and dedication to Placer County's excellent educational community." - Placer County Superintendent of Schools Gayle Garbolino-Mojica

Congratulations to the nominees in 2018 listed below. For photos from the 2018 event, please visit: 2018 Reception Photos

​Certificated Nominees:
Classified Nominees:
Scott Becker - Roseville Joint Union HSD
Debbie Harris - PCOE
Kristina Branson - Dry Creek
Christina Cowan - Auburn Union
Melisa Elko - Roseville Joint Union HSD
Lisa Johnson - Rocklin Unified
Michael Larsen - Roseville City
Gregg Law - Western Placer
Mike Mazzie - Tahoe Truckee
Maureen O'Brien - Eureka Union
Heidi Polewaczyk - Roseville City
Nicole Sayegh - Tahoe Truckee
Jonathan Schwartz - Placer Union HSD
Kristi Separovich - Dry Creek
Shawn Spiess - Rocklin Unified
Sylvia Ward - Western Placer
Lisa Arizcuren - Eureka Union
Kari Back - Dry Creek
Willie Baker - Roseville City
Gail Ballard - Roseville City
Najiya Becker - Roseville Joint Union HSD
Mel Brege - Rocklin Unified
Paige Cahill - PCOE
Blanca Carrillo - Tahoe Truckee
Kim Casbeer - Auburn Union
Carol Cummings - Western Placer
Stacey Fair - Roseville City
Terry Finney - Rocklin Unified
Emily Ford - Rocklin Unified
Irene Gomez - Tahoe Truckee
Sheri Grotewiel - Dry Creek
Remigio Hernandez - Roseville Joint Union HSD
Jim Houck - Western Placer
Pola Kalchenko - Loomis Union
Linda Keach - Dry Creek 
Jodi Konsesky - Rocklin Unified
Cirbie Krslovic - Newcastle Elementary
Billie Kucala - Auburn Union
Dina Lombardo - Rocklin Unified
Brad Ludlow- Loomis Union
Teddi Maher - Eureka Union
Dianne O'Hair - Roseville Joint Union HSD
Dawn Parkhurst - Tahoe Truckee
Kathleen Rawlins-Cramer - Placer Union HSD
Gail Roberts - Western Placer
Mo Robertson - PCOE
Ana Ruelas - Tahoe Truckee
Richard Sanchez - Dry Creek
Tricia Shorkey - Western Placer
Donna SIlva - Placer Union HSD
Martin Tanihana - Roseville Joint Union HSD
Laurene Wiltshire - Roseville Joint Union HSD
Lori Zeledon - Eureka Union