Our 3rd Annual CSEY & TOTY Awards Reception was Monday, May 15, 2017.

Congratulations to all of the nominees and thank you for all that you do for our students in Placer County. You help make us #goldineducation!  

​Certificated Nominees:
Classified Nominees:
Carrie Andrew - Eureka Union
Margie Bauman - Auburn Union
Cathy Bellendir - PCOE
Mary Berelson - Tahoe Truckee
Dana Duncan - Roseville Joint Union HSD
Marilou Edwards - Western Placer
LeeEtta Ennis - Dry Creek
Craig Haviland - Rocklin Unified
Brittany Haydon - Placer Union HSD
Jennifer Hill - Roseville Joint Union HSD
Anne Jones - Foresthill Union
Monica Mars - Western Placer
Pilar Padilla - Rocklin Unified
Debbie Peter - Dry Creek
Christi Robertson - Roseville City
Stephanie Sugano - Roseville City
​Beto Alcaraz - Tahoe Truckee

Angel Betancourt - Dry Creek

Mary Bradwell - PCOE

Liz Campo - Eureka Union

Anne Casagrande - Eureka Union

Carol Casey-Smallman - Tahoe Truckee

Sarah Counter - Rocklin Unified

Mark Decocq - PCOE

Keith Dias - Rocklin Unified

Candace Dunn - Tahoe Truckee

Lisa Ennis-Panganiban - Rocklin Unified

Charis Grey - Placer Union HSD

Timothy Harris - Roseville Joint Union HSD

Cheryl Harrison - Western Placer 

Blake Kelley - PCOE

Shane Larkin - Newcastle Elementary

Malda Martinez - Eureka Union

Janet McAlexander - Rocklin Unified

Jessica McGuire - Auburn Union

Debbie Mitchell - Roseville City

Lisa Moen - Roseville City

Laura Morrison - Dry Creek 

Lisa Nunez- Western Placer

Irina Okhrimenko - Roseville Joint Union HSD

Lesya Panochko - Dry Creek 

Sandra Perez - Roseville Joint Union HSD

Robin Redmond - Tahoe Truckee

Dolores Reyes- Western Placer

Karen Roberts - Western Placer

Janice Shaver - Placer Union HSD

Ember Shurtz - Dry Creek

Roman Sivak - Dry Creek

Dottie Sterling - Auburn Union

Gordon Stizzo - Rockliln Unified

Scott Strawhecker - Placer Union HSD

David Todd - Roseville Joint Union HSD

Gi Warren - Roseville Joint Union HSD

Ruby Wooten - Roseville City