​​Office of the County Superintendent

Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals


The vision of the Placer County Superintendent of Schools and the Placer County Board of Education is to provide exemplary leadership and service to schools, parents, and the community as we work together to provide a globally competitive, comprehensive, rigorous and relevant education to all students.


The Placer County Office of Education is an educational leader and a valuable and respected resource in fiscal practices, educational programs, and student services.

The Office provides successful educational programs designed to educate a wide variety of students with diverse needs, birth through adult.
The Office monitors the fiscal health of districts and provides support services to ensure availability and appropriate use of resources to students served by schools districts.
The Office offers its technical and professional expertise to partnering agencies.
The Office collaborates with schools districts, governmental agencies, and community based organizations to increase student achievement and to enhance the development of youth in our county.


  • The Board of Education will adopt policies for charter school approval and oversight that are aligned with best practices.
  • The Board of Education will continue an Ad Hoc Committee to identify trends in district LCAPs to provide resources for the county office to provide technical assistance.
  • The Board of Education will develop a strategy to become stronger advocates for students and programs of the County Office of Education.

June 2017


  • Students enrolled in PCOE programs will grow academically and will be school, college, or career ready.
  • Develop innovative educational and administrative programs to advance regional priorities.
  • Fostering collaboration and partnerships among educational agencies and community based organizatioins to promote a prosperous region.

June 2017