Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Policy for Tickets and Passes

Form 802 - 2017

SP 9270 Agency Gifts

The Placer County Office of Education (“County Office” or “PCOE”) may be the recipient of a reportable gift to the County Office known as “agency gifts”. Agency gifts are provided by a third party and include money, property, services, admission tickets and passes, or anything else of value, whether tangible or intangible. Agency gifts may include payments for an official’s travel expenses undertaken for the purpose of facilitating the public’s business in lieu of using County Office funds.

Agency Gifts Other Than Admission Tickets or Passes

Gifts to the County Office that are not admission tickets or passes must meet the following requirements:

  1. The County Superintendent or designee shall determine and control the County Office's use of any agency gift.
  2. The donor may identify a purpose for the gift, but may not designate by name, title, class or otherwise, an official who may use the payment except donors of gifts of travel may request that the most qualified person in the County Office travel to their meeting, conference or other event to speak, to participate on a panel, etc.
  3. The County Superintendent or designee may not select himself of herself unless the gift is for an item that provides for general use by County Office officials and the County Superintendent or designee is one of the officials who will have access to such use.
  4. The gift is used for official County Office business.

Agency gifts, other than admission tickets or passes, shall be reported on Fair Political Practices Commission ("FPPC") Form 801.  The specific reporting requirements in FPPC Regulations 18944 and 18950.1 are included in Form 801.

Form 801 shall be maintained by the County Office as a public record.  In any quarter where agency gifts are received that total $2500.00 or more, not including the value of admission tickets or passes, the completed Form 801 shall be posted on the County Office website within 30 days after the end of the quarter. Additionally, in any quarter where reported travel payments exceed $2500.00 or more, the County Office shall file Form 801 with the FPPC.

Agency Gifts Consisting of Admission Tickets or Passes

Admission tickets or passes may only be distributed by the County Superintendent or his/her designee in furtherance of the public purposes established by this policy. Admission tickets distributed pursuant to this policy will not result in a reportable gift to individuals that use the tickets or passes.

The public purposes supporting the distribution of admission tickets or passes by the County Office include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Recognizing PCOE employees for their work and for promoting staff morale
  2. Strengthening support for PCOE
  3. Promoting PCOE programs and activities
  4. Promoting intergovernmental relations and collaboration between PCOE and other public agencies
  5. Promoting special events that PCOE is a sponsor
  6. Networking with other education and civic leaders at charitable events
  7. Promoting Community outreach
  8. Attracting or rewarding volunteer service

Tickets or passes distributed to a public official by the County Superintendent or his/her designee under this policy are solely for the personal use of the official, his or her immediate family, or one guest. A ticket or pass may not be sold or transferred to anyone other than those who may use it under this policy.  Any unused ticket or pass distributed under this policy must be returned to the County Office for redistribution if the ticket or pass remains valid.

Tickets or passes distributed to officials or to another organization shall be reported on FPPC Form 802.  Specific reporting requirements in FPPC Regulation 18944.1 are included in Form 802.

A completed Form 802 should be sent to the FPPC as soon as possible after the event for posting on the FPPC's website.  The FPPC recommends that Form 802 be sent to the FPPC no later than 45 days from the distribution of the admission tickets or passes.

Approved: June 8, 2017