Contract Negotiations Status


​11/1/17PCOE hand delivered Sunshining of Bargaining Proposals for 2017-2018 to PACE President.
​11/2/17 PACE emailed Sunshining of Bargaining Proposal for 2017-2018 to PCOE’s Chief Human Resources Officer.
​11/6/17​Public Disclosure Meeting – Public Disclosure of Proposed Collective Bargaining Agreements for 2017-2018 School Year.
​11/28/17​First negotiations session.
​12/4/17​Second negotiations session.
​12/7/17​Third negotiations session – Tentative Agreement signed; waiting for PACE ratification.

​CSEA (Contract Negotiations) ​

​12/7/17​PCOE received CSEA’s Initial Proposal 2017-2018 (dated 12/5/17).
​12/8/17​PCOE received CSEA’s CORRECTED Initial Proposal 2017-2018 (dated 12/6/17).
​1/11/18​Contract Pre-Negotiations meeting.
​1/31/18​CSEA and PCOE signed a Tentative Agreement.
​2/13/18​CSEA Ratification Meeting.

​CSEA (Job Description Negotiations) ​

​7/21/17​CSEA and PCOE representatives met to discuss CSEA Policy 610.
​9/25/17​Email and Certified Letter sent to Mauricio Vides, Labor Relations Representative, CSEA requesting concurrence to update job descriptions.
​10/9/17​CSEA responded with job descriptions negotiations dates to PCOE.
​10/17/17​CSEA and PCOE met for job descriptions negotiations.
​11/20/17​CSEA and PCOE met for job descriptions negotiations.
​11/27/17​CSEA and PCOE met for job descriptions negotiations. Tentative Agreement was signed by CSEA and PCOE to update and/or add job descriptions.
​11/29/17​CSEA Field Director rejected Tentative Agreement in Policy 610 review.
​12/6/17​CSEA and PCOE met for job descriptions negotiations.
​12/13/17​PCOE proposed dates in December to meet to follow up on job descriptions. CSEA was unavailable to meet in the month of December. CSEA proposed January dates.
​1/4/18​Job Description Negotiations were scheduled for today (1/4/18) but were cancelled by CSEA.
​1/11/18​CSEA tentatively agreed to a majority of the proposed job descriptions, which will now move forward to the CSEA Field Director for approval according to CSEA’s 610 process.